The coming system expected to bring significant precipitation to southeast Saskatchewan has prompted Environment Canada to issue a rainfall warning. The warning was officially released shortly after 12:00 p.m. 

The system responsible for the rain is a Colorado low. A similar system brought over 60 centimetres of snow to Weyburn three weeks ago. This time, the precipitation will come in the form of rain. 

The rain is expected to start in the afternoon or early evening and continue through the night, then all day Friday before tapering off sometime Saturday. Up to 60 millimetres could fall over the course of the system moving through, with some higher amounts in localized pockets. This has Environment Canada advising that localized flooding could be a possibility. 

In the advisory statement, Environment Canada also advised heavy downpours can produce flash floods and water pooling on the roads. Other weather factors, such as hail, wind and lightning could be a possibility, so they are also warning that outdoor activities may not be possible.  

We will keep you up to date on the system as it moves through, and advise of concerns within the communities in the Weyburn area, as well as issues with highways or reported flooding.