The new Prairie Sky Coop Home Centre is still on track to open up for business this July.

"Construction is is moving along nicely and an we do expect to be open this summer," said General Manager Kevin Arthur with Prairie Sky Coop.

Currently under construction on Highway 13 near the C-store and Cardlock, the new store will have much more room for everything.

"Some of the exterior work is is weather dependent and will happen well before we open, but right now they're working on the inside," he noted. "They have temporary heat in there, and it's drywalled, and they're working on some of the finishing touches."

Arthur said compared to the current location, everything about the new place will be nicer.

"You know the staff have done pretty incredible job of trying to make things work in that very small space and small yard, and this new store will have much larger space and and yes the staff room where they can, you know, sit and have their lunch comfortably and, you know, a nice sheltered yard store lumbering inside a building, and just more room for everything."

He said they've always kind of had access to everything available to the Coop stores, but they've neve had enough room to store it inside or outside. However, that will soon change.

"If you're building a home or doing a major renovation, you'll be able to get everything you need, kind of all in one place, from us," said Arthur.

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