During last night's meeting of Weyburn City Council, Mayor Marcel Roy made two proclamations, for Mental Health Week May 6th to 12th, and one for Victims Week, May 12th to 18th.

Program Director at the Weyburn Branch of the CMHA, Tasha Collins, was in Council Chambers to share on events taking place during Mental Health Week (read more HERE), and representatives from Envision Counselling & Support Centre were also in attendance to speak to the Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, which will coincide with Envision celebrating 30 years serving the southeast providing therapeutic counselling and support services to those who have been impacted by crime and abuse in their lives, as well as to individuals, children, couples and families who are going through a difficult situation or event.    

tasha collinsTasha Collins with Mayor Roy after May 6th to 12th was proclaimed Mental Health Week in Weyburn.

Mayor Roy said, "Through my years of policing, we saw that a lot of people can suffer from the victimization of crime, and a lot of people never really regain or get over being victimized, and so there becomes this whole issue and this whole problem that we're seeing."

He pointed to the theme of Mental Health Week, 'Compassion Connects', noting that we are moving into such a different time in the world, with supports in place now more than ever before.

Roy also talked about hearing a psychologist recently stating that the workplace is no place for friendship - a sentiment with which he strongly disagrees.

"That's what makes Weyburn so good. We're a smaller community, and we know a lot of people, we know so many people and we have a very good community connection, as opposed to very large cities." 

In other business during last night's meeting, two Trailer Mounted Message Boards were approved for the Public Works Department to purchase, which will assist City workers with safety on the job as well as being useful in emergency situations. The department budget for this is $50,000 and was awarded to ATS Traffic at a bid price of $41,829.36 including PST and delivery.

A home-based business application was approved, for Red Raven Alterations, which had no conflicting issues from neighbours on Assiniboia Street. A rural water hookup was approved pending payment of the $25,000 fee, with the process being administered by the Weyburn Utility Board. Two bylaws were tabled until further discussions can be had, for Mill Rate Factor and Base Tax, and Mill Rates for Taxation. Also, a lane closure was approved after a second and third reading as per Ross Veterinary Services PC LTD. for the closure and sale of a lane to allow for the consolidation of lots 11-26, Block 219, Plan T1166 for the development of a new veterinary clinic. Find more details on these topics in the full agenda HERE.

A special occasion application and permit were approved for the Outlaw Buckers and Oil Kings Rodeo event coming to Weyburn in June, which will precede the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show (read more HERE).  

And in case you missed it, Weyburn will be seeing the implementation of some camera-sensor traffic lights, beginning with one approved last night, at the intersection of Government Road and First Avenue. Read more HERE.