A regular meeting of the Weyburn City Council was held in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday night. The first meeting of the month had a fairly routine agenda, with Council voting on a crack sealer tender, the Railway Avenue Water Main Replacement Request for Proposal (RFP), home-based business permits and discussion regarding an Environmental Site Assessment RFP.

The minutes from the regular council meeting held February 27th, 2023, were approved.

Mayor Marcel Roy read out a proclamation near the start of the meeting, marking March 20th to 25th as Social Work week in Weyburn. Lisa O'Dell and Karrie McFadden were both present and posed for a photo with Mayor Roy.

Social workersKarrie McFadden and Lisa O'Dell with Mayor Marcel Roy.

The Transportation Department had a request for tender for a crack sealer to protect the streets from deteriorating. There were 11 tenders received, with one being invalid, and based on a full bid assessment, Public Works determined that the crack sealer from Cubex Equipment for the model Marathon KERA 180, would best meet the tender and operational requirements as outlined by the City, at a bid price of $86,025 net cost delivered.

The Councillors voted to carry the motion forward. Councillor Mel Van Betuw noted afterwards, "We were fortunate that it came almost $40,000 under budget, so it was very competitive."

Council voted on the Railway Avenue Water Main Replacement RFP, where it was recommended that the 2023 contract be awarded to A & B Concrete Ltd. of Weyburn, Sk. This motion was also carried.

Jennifer Wilkinson, Director of Engineering with the City of Weyburn, explained in regards to Councillor questions about A & B Concrete Ltd. being the recommended bid, that A & B Concrete Ltd. is local. Wilkinson explained that the City of Weyburn has worked with them before and they were satisfied with the work they do, as well as they are bonded, which is a requirement as water service is a high priority for Weyburn.

There were two applications received from residents, one to operate a home daycare out of their residence in Weyburn, and the other to operate a home-based party/event rental business that will be carrying inventory consisting of linens, cutlery and other party rental items. Both permits were accepted.

City Council discussed an Environmental Site Assessment RFP. The assessment is needed after the discovery of historical hydrocarbon impact soil during the construction of the new fleet storage facility. 

The recommendation that the 2023 Phase II Environmental Site Assessment at the Public Works Yard be awarded to KGS, who submitted the lowest bid out of the top five scoring firms, (KGS Group, Associated Environmental, Trace Associates, Matrix Solutions Inc., and Omni-McCann Inc.) was carried.

Jennifer Wilkinson, Director of Engineering with the City of Weyburn, gave a special acknowledgement to Renee Cugnet, Municipal Engineer, for her efforts in the assessment.

In terms of Introduction of Bylaws, motions to extend the assessment roll for 2023 from April 1st to May 31st, were carried.

Mayor Marcel Roy added that he is really glad that the City of Weyburn is getting a crack sealer. "Last year we got a pothole machine. Now between the pothole filler and the crack sealer, we should be able to keep the streets up much greater."

As well, Mayor Marcel Roy thanked Public Works for clearing all the snow this weekend after the snow storm, echoed by all of the Councillors.