While there are some important events coming up this weekend in Weyburn for Culture Days, you'll want to mark your calendar for next Saturday, October 7th, for the Culture-Palooza events taking place at the Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre.

"We're going to be having the Weyburn Cricket association coming to host a 'Try Cricket' event, which is really neat. Lot of times you don't see sport and culture mixed together, but since the Spark Centre is a mixed-use sport and cultural centre, we felt it was important to represent both in our Culture Days celebration," explained City Curator Regan Lanning.

"We also will have a try Sepak Takraw event, which is like the volleyball that's really popular in Southeast Asia, and we'll have experts on standby for both those events."

Lanning said they'll also have some dance performances by the Malayalee cultural group. 

As we shared in another story (read more HERE), there will be a community mural project taking place on October 7th, for which pre-registration is required. However, a drop-in event also happening will let the creative juices flow as well - a 'paint your flag' event in the multi-purpose rooms.

"Whether it's a Canadian flag or if you want to go a generation back or a couple of generations back, and paint your country of origins' flag as well," she invited. "At the end, we're going to take all the flags, and install them together side to side in the hallway and create kind of like a tapestry of Weyburn's cultural makeup, it should be pretty interesting and fun to take part in."

Find out what's happening beginning today for Culture Days HERE.

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