Culture Days kicked off on Friday, September 22nd all across Canada, and the local events will begin this Thursday.

"Culture Days is a nationwide exploration of culture," explained Regan Lanning, Curator for the City of Weyburn and Arts Coordinator for the Weyburn Arts Council. "The events are free, or pay as you will, and there's a mixture of online and in-person events."

"We are kicking off with a Walk for Reconciliation, which will take place in Jubilee Park. We are doing it with the schools on one day, so schools can register to do the walk with us," she noted. "It is a Treaty 4 timeline walk through history, so it takes you through events that happened on Treaty 4 territory, or elsewhere in Canada that affected life on Treaty 4 territory from pre-colonialization all the way up until modern day. It's very informative. I learned something new when I was doing it myself, so it's a really great event to be a part of."

On Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. the Weyburn Public Library will host a Documentaries and Desserts event. Read more HERE.

"We will be playing an educational documentary, eating some desserts, and then members of the Arts Council will be around afterward to have a talking circle to discuss what we learned through this documentary," Lanning said.

"Sometimes things are better or easier to process when you can talk about them in a trusted circle of people."

A public Walk for Reconciliation will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 30th. Find that event on Facebook HERE.

"We will be there. We'll be taking the walk with you," she noted. "I will be giving an opening statement about the walk and inviting people to take it at their own speed, and if you need to take a break and process what you just read, you are more than welcome to."

CollabARTive Studios will be hosting an event on Saturday from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.

"They are making reconciliation tote bags, and the fee for that one is $15 and all proceeds go towards Water First, which is an Indigenous-led organization working to resolve the water crisis on reservations throughout Turtle Island. It's a really important cause."

"Krystal [Glowatski], who is one of the owners of CollabARTive, has a really strong education in truth and reconciliation, as well as restorative justice," Lanning added. "She is also an Indigenous woman herself. This is all stuff that is really near and dear to her heart, that she has devoted considerable time and brain power to understanding."

Find the tote bag event HERE.  

More Culture Days events will be taking place into the coming weeks. We will have more details in the coming days, andr you can follow the Weyburn Arts Council on Facebook HERE.

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