Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said Friday that Estevan is a very likely site for a small modular reactor facility in the future.

The topic came up Friday morning when Moe visited Estevan to meet with Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig, Estevan MLA Lori Carr, and others.

"We really have that forward looking conversation about incorporating small modular reactors into our power grid in the province," Moe said. "Estevan has been identified as one of and a very likely area of the province where SaskPower would be locating one of those small modular reactors."

Moe said nuclear wasn't a part of the conversation five years ago, but is very much a part of the conversation today.

"We have really three options today...gas, coal, and nuclear," Moe said. "And as we look out decades ahead, I think you're going to see quite likely nuclear is going to be a larger part of that conversation."

Estevan is currently being considered for an SMR site along with Elbow, Saskatchewan which is near Diefenbaker Lake.