The 113th annual Weyburn Fair Days begin this Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Setup is taking place at the same time as the 4H Inter-Club Show and Sale.

"It's a great organization, these kids spend lots of time raising these calves, and put lots of time and lots of work into them," said 

Jeff Clay, one of the entertainment directors for the Weyburn Agricultural Society. "And then I know a lot of kids when they sell the calves, it's a sad day, but once that money gets put away for education funds or starting their own herd and keeping these kids involved in the agriculture world." 


Clay said gate admission includes all the entertainment available, with the exception of the midway rides and games, for which tickets or a bracelet must be purchased.

"Beginning tomorrow at 4:00, you can get into the fair for five dollars per person," he explained. "Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it's five for kids and 10 dollars for adults, but that includes everything but the games and rides. So the gate admission gets you into everything."

"It's the cheapest entertainment around," he added. "We have the dinosaur shows, the reptile show, or the rodeo there's live music in the beer gardens, there's lots to do."


Follow the Ag Society HERE. Find the full schedule below: