The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) sent out an alert warning investors of the online entity CA Trade Capital LLC. This entity claims to offer Saskatchewan residents an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, forex, and contract for differences through an online website. 

CA Trade Capital LLC is not registered to trade or sell securities or derivatives in Saskatchewan. The FCAA cautioned investors and consumers not to send money to companies that are not registered in Saskatchewan, as they may not be legitimate businesses. 

Discover Weyburn checked with one financial institution in Weyburn, and they have not heard of anyone investing in this company in the Weyburn area at this time.

Harvey White, Director of Enforcement in the Securities Division of the FCAA, said that he was not able to discuss the entity specifically, but was more than happy to discuss the general rules. 

In Saskatchewan and across Canada with all jurisdictions, White said that individuals and companies need to be registered in Saskatchewan in order to sell securities.

"When we become aware of a company that might be looking to sell securities to Saskatchewan residents, then we take a look to make sure they're registered."

White explained that individuals can go to the Canadian Securities Administrators website,, "and you can run any person or individual on that website and confirm whether or not they have a registration status in Saskatchewan."

There's also a website called, "safeguard your savings" that White said they use and refer people to quite frequently, and there's a lot of great information on there as well. 

White shared that people can protect themselves primarily by doing their research. "Check Google, check the website registrations, and of course check to make sure they're registered." A lot of these websites are going to offer unrealistic returns that just can't be met, using a lot of jargon and technical talk, he explained.

A lot of people get emails from individuals they don't know, he said, suggesting an investment, or they get cold called, trying to issue pressure on them to invest in a product.

"You should never feel pressured to make an investment, and that's a warning sign." 

White suggested getting a second opinion if you're looking at an investment. "Talk to your investment advisor, show them what's being offered to you, and get that second opinion."

Don't give your personal information out to strangers, he said. "Don't allow anybody to remote into your computer. You're allowing them to have access to all the information that's on your computer, including saved passwords and banking information."

Those who would like more information, or to file a complaint in regards to violations of the Securities Act in Saskatchewan, can contact the FCAA Enforcement Branch at 306-787-5936 for more information. 

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