An increase in scam calls lately has prompted the Weyburn Police Service to give the public a friendly reminder to be careful what information you give out over the phone.

Constable Preston Roy cautions against letting the scammers' fear tactics get the best of you.

"Some of these scams have included credit cards that people don't own, or it's winning a large amount of money, or social insurance number problems, or that someone is using their identity," he shared. "So there's lots of different things that these scammers are using to prey on peoples' fears and hopes, to get some personal information out of them, or else maybe get some money out of them."

Roy said it's important for people to be aware that the scammers are becoming more resourceful every year, and just because they're using technology to prey on peoples' fears, doesn't mean they deserve to succeed.

If you're ever concerned or unsure of the person you're talking to, just hang up the phone. 

"You are under no obligation to speak to the person that called you, and if it is something suspicious, like maybe they're pretending to be a bank, just hang up, and find the bank number and phone them and ask them," he said. "Never use numbers that they give you over the line 'cause it could just be a number to another scammer"

"A lot of these scammers, they spend all day just calling lots of people, so they get really good at talking to people, and they know how to get information out of people even without them knowing," Roy noted. "So if you don't know the person, you don't have to talk to them. Just hang up, and then, that way, you can protect yourself."