Weyburn’s own powerlifting coach Ryan Fowler was in St. John’s, Newfoundland this past weekend for the Canadian Nationals in powerlifting. 

There he was inducted into the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s Hall of Fame, and received the Bill Jamison Award. This is the highest award that a member of the Canadian Powerlifting Union can receive as a builder in the sport.

“It was nice to be able to be back out and competing and coaching and refereeing and seeing some of the best lifters in the country,” said Fowler. “I was honored to be inducted into the CPU Hall of Fame as a builder and that award is named after one of the founders of the Canadian Powerlifting Union, Bill Jamison, who actually passed away this year.”

Fowler also coached Marnel Spencer who set some national records and an unofficial world record.

"There were actually 4 lifters plus myself from Weyburn that attended nationals, all of them hit some personal bests,” said Fowler. “Marnel hit some national records and an unofficial world record. You can't set world records at a national championship, you have to do with that in international meet, so hopefully in October at the World Championships, we'll be able to make that official.”

Fowler and Spencer will both be at the World Powerlifting Competition in Newfoundland in October.