Yesterday we made our way down to Stoughton for a fundraising barbeque at the Stoughton Credit Union!

Although it was a little chilly it still went very well with lots of folks showing up to make a donation towards the Stoughton Curling Club in Exchange for lunch. 

"We had burgers and hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks everyone just donated some money." Karla Gervais, Marketing and Project Management at the Stoughton Credit Union said. 

The Curling Club needs a new roof for their building and the Stoughton Credit Union has a strong belief in supporting their communities.

"The Credit Union itself is matching up to $1,500 of the donations so we're excited to help them with their roof." 

All in all, it was a fabulous turnout with around 50 to 70 people showing up for the barbeque and making donations.

"It was a great success with donations totaling $2,471. We will be adding an additional $1,500 to this total. We are very pleased to be able to donate this to the Stoughton Curling Club."

Hopefully, there's a new roof in sight for the Curling Club soon!