The Weyburn Arts Council will hold its annual general meeting one week from today, March 20th in Multi-purpose room 3 at the Spark Centre.

"It's a great opportunity to come down and meet the members of the Arts Council and to kind of get an idea of what we're about, where our passions lie, what our motives are, what our mission, vision, and values are," shared City Curator and Arts Coordinator Regan Lanning. "The AGM is a short meeting. It's usually just a year in review, and then at 7:00 will be our regular meeting. So there's probably going to be about half-hour, 45 minutes between those two meetings, where, as community members, you can kind of get to know the Arts Council and decide if it's a good fit for you as a volunteer organization."

Lanning said those who stick around for the later meeting can take part in some onboarding.

"We give you the 'welcome to WAC pack' and we further explain what's on the agenda for the next few months."

"Our Council is very active and we're very visible in our community. That's one of our goals, is to be visible in our community out there, making art, creating art for the public," she explained. 

"Art shouldn't be something that's kept behind closed doors. Weyburn has such a vibrant arts community. It should be apparent when you're walking down the street and we're working on that."

Lanning noted, "It's a fun group of people. We are a very young board, and we're very, very active."

"There's no such thing as enough hands. We can always use more people and we also have different levels of involvement. So like you can you can join our Council as a director, which means you have to come to every meeting, you have a vote, and you get minutes. Or you can join as a member, which has a lot less requirements. You're not required to come to the meetings, but we do ask you to help out with events."