It's Day Two of Grain Rush driven by Great Plains Ford and we are ready to treat another harvest crew to some delicious KFC! 

This morning we called Dean Murray to let him know that he was our next winner! He was surprised to hear from us but figured his wife nominated the crew.

Dean noted that they grow a bit of everything on his farm.

"We grow lentils, canola, durum, and more," he said.

He noted that they are nearly three quarters of the way through harvest, collecting bits of what they can as it becomes ready. 

"The heavy rain early in the year hurt some of it when it was small and then the heat. Some of it we happened to get a shower on it in July but some of it we didn't and that made all the difference. So we've had some of both. We've had some really horrible stuff and we've had some stuff that was better than we anticipated."

With so much uncertainty, it feels even better to treat Dean and his crew to some delicious food! A special thank you to today's sponsor South Country Equipment for helping with Grain Rush powered by Great Plains Ford! 

Want us to bring you some food? You can enter online right now! 

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