Fall brings an extra speed of busy for Saskatchewan producers. Farmers are busy taking the crops off and livestock producers are preparing for fall sales and market changes. Lander Anderson, a fellow Southern Saskatchewan producer, co-founded a start-up app called GrainBrain, a platform to connect the industry in place.  

The app is called GrainBrain, it allows you to share feedback, leave reviews and give updates in the areas you produce, Anderson explains, “When you first log in you’ll see a homepage, that you can scroll through reviews just like you would on Google Reviews or Yelp, kind of taking the theory of if you’re buying a TV and looking for reviews on TVs... it’s the same thing if you are looking for reviews on a piece of equipment, a chemical to use, or a fertilizer. You can search by category and each review can have a location when you post. If you see a post of someone that has shared a review, you can direct message them.” 

This new start-up app is a way for farmers and ranchers to connect and share about their industry, a hub of conversation explains Anderson, “We built in private chats and public chats. We built this to solve problems that producers are having.” 

GrainBrain is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can also find more information about the start-up here