After temperatures earlier in the week that crept up towards the 30° mark – 27.6° on Tuesday to be exact – things are cooling off slightly in Weyburn as the cold front that brought a blanket of smoke in Wednesday lingers for another day or two. The forecast high of 16° for Thursday is a few degrees below the average for this time of year, and things are expected to hover around seasonal for much of the weekend. 

“Sort of a combination of things,” explained Environment Canada meteorologist Justin Shelley about the decrease in temperature. “We are in a pattern where there’s a bit more cooler air in the area. We have this upper-level low that’s sort of sinking in from the south, and that’s drawing in some cooler air with it.” 

The heavy blanket of smoke, caused by the wildfires raging in northern Saskatchewan and Alberta, isn’t helping the situation either.  

“Any smoke that does sort of exist in the atmosphere sort of limits the solar radiation, and does reduce the heat that the surface can get up to,” Shelley continued.  

Behind the cold front, things are expected to warm up again as the winds shift, thanks to a ridge of high pressure that will begin to develop over western Canada. This is expected to bring temperatures that could be record-breaking by Monday, with a forecast high of 34°. If the forecast holds, it will get close to a new record but could fall short. The current mark for the hottest May 22nd on record is 37.5°, set back in 1980.  

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