Last Wednesday evening, the Weyburn Police Service (WPS) conducted a High Visibility Enforcement project with a focus on impaired driving.

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype, with the WPS, said that these projects are supported by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and they occur across the province.

He explained that last Wednesday, they had about five or six officers that were out conducting the High Visibility Enforcement project. There were 192 motorists checked during the traffic enforcement.

"Its just that, it's high visibility, you'll see their lights shining. They're definitely not trying to sneak up on anyone, the focus was on impaired driving," VanDeSype said.

He stated that one individual had their vehicle impounded for seven days after being found to have presence of cannabis, and, "there were eight others that received a ticket for traffic violations of one variety or another under the Traffic Safety Act."

VanDeSype added that people can expect that this sort of traffic enforcement will occur once a month.