Weyburn City Councilor Jeff Richards said that 2022 was a great year for City Council; some of the highlights of 2022 included working closely with the Youth Council.

"They had that captivator series early on in the year. We had some folks come down and talk to our young people in our community about entrepreneurship and what that looks like."  

"Then, in fact, sitting with the Youth Council through City Council's budget, deliberations, and the public engagement piece we did, Youth Council asked a lot of hard questions of me at that, and I appreciate their feedback and some of the questions they had about how City Hall supports the business community."

He adds that of course, City Services deserves a ton of credit for all they do in maintaining Weyburn's magnificent community.

"They do great work and I'm proud of the people of Weyburn. We keep a pretty beautiful community here, and folks take a lot of pride in our city and that doesn't go unnoticed. You know, friends and neighbors that help each other with shoveling snow, cutting grass, keeping the back alleys clean."

"Weyburn has a lot of pride in our city, and I just love it."