The Weyburn Public Library will be hosting two local authors this week, Dr. Gary Hoium tonight, and Andrea Renae tomorrow night.

During the Gifted Winter Sale in November of 2023, Hoium shared that he loves to chat about his books and about the funny stories that led to the writing of his books, 'Don't They Kick When You Do That?' volumes 1 and 2.

"They're just stories that are in my mind. They made an impression on me, obviously, in the of the day or the event, and the events that do happen are sometimes pretty comical, I guess, and those ones particularly stay with you."

"We've had a lot of people say they never laughed so much in their life, but they'll get into their story, too, so those kinds of people, it's just the right fit for them, and that's kind of what we were striving for. So it makes you  feel like well, we maybe we accomplished what we set out to do and basically it was just kind of something to honour my clientele that gave me so many years of fun and enjoyment."

In case you thought you missed it, tonight's event was postponed last week, and was rescheduled for tonight.

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book reading

Andrea Sawatzky, under the pen name Andrea Renae, has written a novel, 'Where Darkness Dwells'.

In her fictional world, people are trapped in darkness. "It's what they know, and they have found ways to cope in it, but they've bought the lie that it is normal, it's right and it's good." 

Sawatzky said she wanted to create a place that felt very much different than our reality, however the familiar anchor for readers can be found in the struggles of the people of that world. 

Read more HERE and see a video from a book signing event HERE

book reading