In acknowledgment of their ongoing support and for acting as champions of inclusion in their community, President of Inclusion Weyburn Jackie Wilson presented certificates of recognition to Rona and New Age Home Furnishings and Electronics. Jeff Chessall accepted the awards on Sunday morning at the Weyburn Leisure Centre, where Rona and New Age have recently begun sponsoring monthly swims for the organization. Wilson was ecstatic to give her thanks to Chessall, saying that the relationship they've built has brought many wonderful opportunities to Inclusion members in Weyburn.

"Any time we've gone to Jeff at New Age or Rona, he's just been so quick to support and do whatever he can to help our organization," praised Wilson. "He always has at least one person on staff who has intellectual disabilities and he's really in tune with their needs and how to keep them productive and happy at their job, so we just appreciate him so much."

Fresh popcorn and juice boxes are also part of the fun for participants at Rona's sponsored swimming sessions, a small example of how the businesses strive to offer memorable experiences to their friends at Inclusion Weyburn. Wilson also reminisced about the fun they've had with New Age during their visits to the lake.


"During our Summer camps, Jeff would take the kids out to Nickle Lake and give them rides on pontoon boats and a wiener roast. The kids just had so much fun, and you could tell he really enjoyed doing it. Jeff, and Nancy at New Age, always go above and beyond so we really wanted to recognize them for that," said Wilson.

Rona's next sponsored swim day for Inclusion Weyburn is scheduled for March 10th. Inclusion Weyburn will also recognize another cherished supporter next month as part of their ongoing initiative that began in the Fall of 2023. The presentations are something that Wilson feels is vital, since many of Inclusion's allies often work silently to support them. 

"You know, it's not always easy asking people for help, but Jeff almost says yes before I even ask the question," laughed Wilson. "And there's others in the community, too. Our plan is to continue monthly recognitions for businesses, organizations, and individuals like Jeff who support us. We don't want them to go unnoticed!"