Four local 'Number One fans' of the U-18 AAA Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Gold Wings were presented with gold jerseys last week as a thank-you for all their work helping out the team over the years.

Justin De Roos, Ward "Woody" Borys, Robin Stelter, and Shara Schaff were honoured with gold jerseys thanks to some behind-the-scenes help from team Goalie Hailey Sibbald, whose billet parent is Chantel Labocetta, a worker with the Weyburn Group Home Society and Independent Living. 

"Me and Robin do the sticks and then Justin does the pucks for the visiting side, and then sometimes we take turns doing the penalty box if they need us on the visiting side," explained Schaff.

"The Gold Wings will do the sticks themselves like tape them up and stuff me and Robin will just carry them out to the benches and stuff, and my job is to make sure that all the girls have the sticks out before we take them."

"Justin throws the warmup pucks out on the ice and then the other team will come out and then warm up and then once warm-up is done, he'll go and pick them up," she added.

While the effort is mainly for home games, Schaff said she and her boyfriend sometimes do head up to Regina to catch the Gold Wings in action away from home ice.

Schaff said they'd like to see more people coming out to support the Gold Wings.

"It's fun, it's a good experience. It's a good opportunity to bring the kids and stuff because some nights they have Chuck a Puck." 

Stelter said she feels like they're all part of the family with the team. 

"I usually go with my worker to her house and the girls will just be there," she noted, adding Jenay [Hyndman] and Hailey came out to play soccer with them on Monday at the Spark Centre.

Schaff concluded by offering thanks, "I'd like to thank Hailey's family for giving us the jerseys. We love them a lot. Thank you very, very very much. We appreciate it and we'll be back again next year." 

fansStelter, Schaff, and De Roos pose with freshly signed jerseys during the last regular season home game for the Gold Wings last night (submitted photo).