This year’s Mayor’s Luncheon was a big success with guest speaker, Country Music Artist, Amy Nelson. 

Board member, Mal Barber gave accolades to Weyburn’s Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) staff, citing that their work was more than a job, and that the staff are passionate and care about those they help. 

Mal Barber, CMHA Weyburn Board ChairMal Barber, CMHA Weyburn Board Chair

Nelson immediately warmed the audience's heart by kicking off her presentation with her music video, The Last Saskatchewan Pirate featuring local country music artist, Brad Johner. 

In her speech, Nelson shared that she had a 10-year-long battle with depression. Initially, Nelson sought help from her family physician, however, after trying numerous medications without success, she was referred to a psychiatrist. Under her psychiatrist’s care, she tried more medications. Nelson explained, while she did experience some relief from the prescriptions prescribed, she didn’t feel she was completely out of the grips of depression.  

Eventually, Nelson was prescribed Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), it is this therapy that Nelson gives credit for releasing her from her dark days of depression.