Weather alerts rang out late Wednesday afternoon warning of a potential tornado in the southeast. As of Thursday morning, it does not appear that a twister materialized.

A tornado warning was issued at 4:34 p.m. for the R.M. of Coalfields including Bienfait and North Portal, R.M. of Moose Creek including Alameda and R.M. of Enniskillen including Oxbow and Northgate.

Updates said a severe thunderstorm was heading southeast at 25 kilometres per hour.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Kyle Ziolkowski said shortly after 5 a.m. Thursday that they saw no reports of a tornado either in Saskatchewan, or south of the Canada-US border after it quickly veered into North Dakota.

He did say there was a report of hail nearly the size of golf balls in the Douglaston area, north of Oxbow.

"There was lots of moisture left around. There was lots of fog and stuff in the area early on in the morning, and then that kind of burnt off and then allowed for some daytime heating to take place in the instability that's built. Next thing you know, you've got the storm that went up pretty fast."

Ziolkowski said rains were mainly limited to the areas hit by the storm.

"There was really not a whole lot elsewhere. Just some early morning showers and weak thunderstorms kind of went up through Regina and other parts of southeastern Saskatchewan."

Thursday started out with heavy fog. Environment Canada listed visibility in the southeast at 0.0 kilometres. Though it quickly broke up.

Ziolkowski said an encore of yesterday's dramatic storm build-up is not expected, though the weather agency says there's a 60-per-cent chance of showers throughout the day and into the evening.

You can check out the latest weather information here.

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