The storms that moved through the province yesterday prompted watches and warnings to be issued, including warnings for tornadoes. While there were no confirmed tornadoes in the southeast part of the province, there were several spotted across other parts of Saskatchewan.  

When a warning is issued, whether for a thunderstorm or a tornado, Terri Lang with Environment and Climate Change Canada said the warnings should be heeded, as it means there is an imminent threat of severe or dangerous weather. 

“If things do go to a warning, take immediate precautions,” Lang advised. “That means getting inside, bringing your vehicles in if you can to prevent hail damage, trying to bring things inside that can be flying around.” 

If a tornado warning is issued, the precautions are slightly different. 

“For a tornado warning, that means immediately taking cover, and that means going down into your basement if you have one or getting inside an interior room,” Lang said. “You want to put as many walls as you can between yourself and the outside. Get away from windows and doors.” 

When severe weather arrives, it isn’t enough to just wait for the sounds of the system to let up. The storms last night showed you can sometimes have multiple storms that come in waves, with each one a little different than the previous. This was the case yesterday, as storms started to bring hail into the equation to the east and south of Weyburn. 

“You have to be watching the radar to see that there’s a whole bunch of individual thunderstorm cells and some of the thunderstorm cells aren’t very big across, so that’s one of those cases where one side of town gets completely drenched, and the other side of town gets nothing,” Lang stated. 

With the storms moving on, there is sunshine on the way for a few days, but things could get cloudy with more rain by the time the weekend rolls around. You can stay up to date with the latest forecast by visiting the Discover Weyburn Weather page.