The Weyburn Police Service has provided an update on the incident in the early morning hours Sunday on Bison Avenue, near where it joins 13th Street. Around 1:00 a.m., some residents in the area were woken up by a loud bang, followed by a member of the WPS speaking over a loudspeaker to a person inside a residence.  

“It was all involved from an earlier police investigation with a traffic stop where a large amount of drugs was found, around $2,100 street value,” explained Sergeant Shane St. John with the WPS. “Throughout that investigation, ended up with a search warrant that you need to do as soon as possible, just to protect evidence, and that was what people heard.” 

The loud bang was a flash-bang device utilized by the Joint Tactical Support Team, which is comprised of officers from the Weyburn Police Service and Estevan Police Service.  

“We’ve been finding with the serious drug issues that we have in Weyburn, we’re finding firearms a lot of the times now,” Sgt. St. John said of the use of the tactical team. “For the safety of everybody involved, the team assists with that search to make sure no officers are injured, or the public.” 

The investigation is still underway. One male suspect is in custody and is facing several charges.