Alexis Ashworth of Oungre is in Birmingham, England, enjoying the high of having competed in the Commonwealth Games, and earning the Silver medal in weightlifting. 

Ashworth finished second in the women's 71-kilogram division with a total lift of 214 kilograms. Sarah Davies of England was first at 229 kilograms. India's Harjinder Kaur (212 kilograms) earned the bronze medal.

"I didn't do as well on my snatching. So we have three attempts to get much as much as we can for each lift. I missed my first attempt, and failed the lift," she explained. "So I tried it again, on my second attempt and I lifted 91 kilograms and on my third attempt I missed 94 kilograms."

She said she hit 123kg on her third clean and jerk, bringing her total to 214 kilograms. The added up scores are what determines the standings.

"I thought originally that it was just going to be a bronze medal, but ended up bumping me up to silver so it was really an overwhelming, crazy moment."

For Ashworth, this is her first international meet.

"I was as prepared as I could be, like physically, going into it, but mentally, maybe not, as I don't have the experience as some other athletes do, so as I got lifting, I think just looking around and seeing the other lifters and the cameras, and several fans there, so I'm just overwhelmed and I wasn't lifting very well and such," she shared.

"It was a really good experience like, and when I do other meets, I think I'll be way more preparedm just having this experience," noted Ashworth. 

She said her coaches were trying to help  her stay calm, but the whole thing was emotional, and stressful, at first, and then it was emotional and happy once she won the silver. 

"So I haven't fully processed everything that's happened, but it was really amazing." 

Ashworth added she is glad to be done with the competition so she can enjoy the tastes along with the sites of England.