In honour of Mental Health Week in Canada this week, and to encourage some fun and connection, the Weyburn chapter of Paramedics With Heart provided some free recreation yesterday at the Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre.

"Last evening we had a night out at the Spark Centre," shared Morgan Scharnatta. "Sometimes getting out and just being active and being with others is something that kind of helps mental health. So we wanted to put a night together so that we could have fun with the community and celebrate maybe a step forward." 

"So after the last couple years, we can all kind of say, 'I can relate', and that's the theme of the Canadian Mental Health Week, is empathy," she explained. "With empathy, we are able to step into each other's shoes and understand where they're coming from."

The Paramedics with Heart have been getting involved in other ways as well.

"This last year, we've kind of just become a group and got all the logistics set up. it's kind of nice to have a group that we can outside of work get together and have fun, and do those kinds of things together," Scharnatta shared. 

The group also put together the centre-pieces at the CMHA Weyburn's Annual Mayor's Luncheon, which was held on Tuesday.

"There's a large group of us, like it's most of our people at work, so we like to do fun stuff and we're going to start doing like more and more fundraisers and local stuff as time goes on, it's just we are in the first year of kind of getting everything established."

She said they had a decent turnout at the Spark Centre last night, with some playing on Field B with the paramedics, and others taking advantage of the Play n Climb structure.