In recent weeks, people have voiced concerns about children crossing the street before and after school at St. Michael School. This has resulted in an awareness and education campaign.

Chief Jamie Blunden said the WPS was advised that the school has reminded parents to use the designated crosswalks. 

"Presently too many parents pull up on the opposite side of the road in front of the school, open the doors for their kids, and allow them to cross the street from between parked cars," he told. "The Weyburn Police Service has been at the location for an awareness/education week to encourage parents to have their kids cross at the crosswalks provided. Some of the parents park within the 3-meter rule of the designated crosswalk."

"If the actions continue, we would have to look at other means to make it safe for the kids," he shared. "There is no offense presently and we are hoping to change the actions of some by encouraging them to have their kids cross at the designated crosswalks.

Blunden said this means that while there are talks underway about flashing pedestrian lights, he hopes they won't have to hand out tickets or have the pedestrian bylaws changed.

"Maybe something in the bylaw to hold parents accountable for allowing their children to run across the street when a crosswalk is provided might be the way in which to gain compliance."