With the return of sunshine and warmer temperatures for most of last week, the Weyburn Police Service found themselves dealing with a high percentage of traffic infractions. Of the 30 charges that were laid by police, 27 of them were under the Traffic Safety Act, with only three Criminal Code charges being laid.  

Of the 27 tickets that were handed out, the WPS explained more than half – 15 to be exact – were for speeding. There were another four tickets for failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, four for operating an unregistered vehicle or trailer, three for driving without a valid driver’s license, and one for using a cell phone while driving.  

The police also fielded a complaint about a vehicle that failed to stop when a school bus had its stop arm out to allow children to get onto the bus.  

One of the traffic calls was a three-vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 39 and 3rd Street. Police said the collision happened when a woman who was driving a Jeep northwest on Highway 39 failed to stop for a red light, colliding with a southbound vehicle on 3rd Street. The southbound vehicle then spun and collided with a northbound vehicle on 3rd Street. Two of the occupants of the vehicles were treated for minor injuries on the scene by EMS. The driver of the Jeep was given a ticket for failing to stop at a red light.  

One of the charges for driving without a license stemmed from a call through the Report Impaired Drivers program. The call to 911 concerning a possible impaired driver had the police locating the vehicle, and initiating a traffic stop. The driver was sober but did not have a valid license, resulting in the ticket. They were also issued a warning, as the vehicle they were in only had one working headlight.  

In addition to the traffic-related calls, the WPS also handled calls concerning bylaws within the City of Weyburn. Some of those bylaw-related calls included unregistered vehicles and unattached trailers being parked on the street, and heavy trucks being driven off the truck routes in the city. There were also calls about animals and parking.