The Town of Radville is buzzing with excitement as they're currently in the process of constructing a brand-new pool. Amanda Wolter, the Chief Administrative Officer, shares the exciting details. 

“We applied for some grant funding through the government through the Canada Infrastructure Program, and we ended up getting funding of about $3.4 million. Obviously, we have our portion, they pay about 73% so we are in the process of building an almost 4100 square foot pool.” 

Wolter went on to explain that the pool has a beachfront entry and is 10 feet deep complete with a diving board, a 100-foot water slide, and a lazy man river. Incorporated into the new development is a poolhouse with showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms. 

“The deep end of the pool has been done. We have the walls, some of the side panels of the walls of the pool up the pool house is going to be going shortly here with actually, I think they're starting on it this week” 

Radville pool

While no date has been confirmed for the opening of the new pool, Wolter did say it could be as early as next summer. 

Diagram of the new Radville Pool which could be open as early as Summer, 2024Diagram of the new Radville Pool which could be open as early as Summer, 2024

In addition, campers can look forward to enjoying a charming retreat as a new campground is also under construction. When it’s fully developed the campground will have 14 campsites which will include water, sewer, and power.

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