Regional Kids First offers a variety of free programs to southeastern Saskatchewan communities, to boost early childhood development for children and families. 

Jennifer Sedor, Regional Kids First Community Liaison for Area 011, (Weyburn, Estevan and Southeastern communities), explained more about her role. 

"Well, we run a whole variety of family and children's programs for kids from zero to five. And you know, we're basically looking to connect with our rural families, so we're all across Southeast Saskatchewan."

Sedor said she's specific to the southeast, but there are Regional Kids First liaisons throughout the province. 

"I call my vehicle the fun mobile and I fill it full of toys and activities and travel around the southeast and set up pre-school programming for families to take part in." 

Sedor said the big program they are working on right now is called IMPACT: (Intriguing Minds: Parents and Children Together): "At the Zoo." 

"I am fortunate enough to have, you know the best job ever. I have a whole room full of toys and I decided this year that the animal toys were going to win and we were going to build a zoo in every community. So, IMPACT is a traveling program for the families with children turning four." 

She said "At the Zoo" includes different stations, lots of different activities, and skill building opportunities for parents and children to do together to get a feel for pre-kindergarten. There will be one event per community and it takes a couple of hours to complete all the stations.

Sedor added if you haven't heard anything about it yet, to contact your local school, visit your local library or check out their Facebook page to find out when your event will be held.

"You don't have to bring anything except yourself and your small, intriguing person to take part in these activities and we really encourage parents or caregivers to take part with their little ones together."