Weyburn Tourism has announced that the Fourth Annual River Park Sparkles will run from December 5th to January 8th.

All the campsites at River Park will be decorated with festive lights and scenes, and the lights can be easily seen from Highway 39.

"For Weyburn Tourism, it's all about experience for us and for our residents, and to gain traction to outside visitors to come into our community so  to provide them with something of a free event that they can enjoy," shared Executive Director of Weyburn Tourism, Monica Osborn. "I know a lot of people are just looking forward to this, and, coming out of the COVID years, that was one thing that just brought everyone together was being able to give people hope and excitement for the holiday season that's upon us."

While there are a few open spots for new businesses or organizations to join in on the event this year, they'll likely go quickly. 

"We did go back to all of our previous exhibitors that had campsites decorated in previous years and there were a handful of spots that have come available this upcoming year. So we are opening it up to anyone that is interested in decorating some spots, it's great for businesses to get attraction and get noticed in the community. Or if you're a nonprofit, you can certainly do that as well too. It's just a great way to expose your business to lots of people."

She said they're looking forward to seeing all the decorating.

"It's a great team building experience as well too, for those businesses that want to partake in and stuff like that," said Osborn. "It's free to have a campsite. We do just require a damage deposit just to make sure that at the end of the time that everything is cleaned up because it is a park that's owned by the City."

Interested parties can contact the Weyburn Tourism office and then take free range to an assigned campsite in River Park Campground to decorate in the spirit of the Holiday season. In December, residents and visitors will get to enjoy the sparkling campsites by driving through the park. Campsites are available on a first come, first served basis.

Contact the Weyburn Tourism office at (306) 842-4738 or follow them on Facebook HERE.