Jade Rooney of Yellow Grass might not have won the election, held November 5th and 6th, for the President of the Saskatchewan Métis Youth Council, but his attitude couldn't be better nonetheless.

According to Rooney, whose platform was centred largely on the food of Métis culture and food security, it's not really a loss, as he is happy for the winner, Autumn LaRose-Smith.

"She had texted me, and I congratulated her and she congratulated me on my campaign, and she said hopes to work with me in the future," he shared.

"Moving forward here, I think that there's still plenty of opportunity to go forward with those ideas," Rooney commented. "It'll look a little bit different."

"Actually, by me not being elected, I'm hopeful that maybe I can move forward with a little bit more focus on some of my more specific points, then I might've, having a more broad job description as the Youth President."

"So I'm not deterred by any stretch from from trying to push these ideas forward and and that was kind of the reason that I ran," he added.

Rooney said there was more compromise, rather than competition, between himself and the other two running for the position.

"I believe in elections of ideas over elections of people, and I do think this was an election of ideas. I'm not disheartened in the least to continue moving forward through different avenues to to put those ideas forward."

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