With students in Weyburn returning to school today after the Family week break, the Weyburn Police Service is reminding drivers to pay attention to school zone safety.

Constable Preston Roy said the week before last saw a number of issues with drivers not minding parking signs in the school zones.

"It's such a high traffic area with pedestrians and vehicles, we want to make sure that all the parking is adhered to, so the signage is there for a reason, and we just encourage people just to keep your eyes open to look for the signage so that you can park in the proper zones and make sure that all the kids are safe when they're going to school." 

While school zones in Weyburn are heavily patrolled by the WPS, there is also another measure in place to ensure safety in school zones - safety patrol officers.

Roy said St. Michael School and Assiniboia Park Elementary both have student safety patrol officers, while Legacy Park Elementary has adults handling the role. 

"They get involved and they do a great job in controlling traffic while the kids cross the crosswalk." 

Read the full police report from last week HERE.