The STF membership has voted to authorize job action, which could impact schools if negotiations don't reach a conclusion.

That vote, which saw 95% of members vote in favor, was to enable sanctions includinga potenital strike against the provincialc government.

That comes as the STF is asking for changes to class size and compostition.

Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division Director of Education Keith Keating gives his thoughts on the vote.

"I'm not surprised by the vote, given the context of inflation, years of status quo or shrinking education budgets, combined with some of the deteriorating labour relations between the government and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation during this negotiation."

Keating details what kind of impact a parital or full strike could have for schools.

"In the case of a full strike, we'd need to shut schools down. We just wouldn't have enough staff to ensure that they can operate safely. The long term impacts on learning or other staff would depend on the length of the strike as opposed to if there were withdrawal of voluntary services, there would be an impact to extracurricular activities and in our supervision, but classes would continue as normal." 

Keating says he hopes that both sides can come to an agreement before the situation creates more impacts.

"I know the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation that has requested conciliation, so that would mean a neutral third party working with with both sides to try to come up with an agreement. My hope would be some movement that leads to a tentative agreement so that we're not disrupting the work lives of teachers or the service to students."

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