SGI, along with law enforcement throughout Saskatchewan, will be putting the traffic safety spotlight on the right of way and traffic control devices for the month of May.  

“Collisions occur frequently at intersections, during turns and lane changes,” said JP Cullen, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “We’re asking drivers to remain alert and aware of the simple actions they can take to help keep themselves and others safe on the road.” 

Some of the things drivers are being asked to keep in mind include looking both ways before entering an intersection, anticipating the traffic lights as they change from green to amber, to red, and always signalling when making a turn.  

The Crown insurance company reported roughly 10 percent of all collisions in Saskatchewan occur at intersections where a driver has failed to yield the right of way. This includes merging when there isn’t enough room, starting a left turn before all oncoming vehicles and pedestrians have cleared the intersection, or failing to stop at an uncontrolled intersection.  

Those who fail to come to a stop at a stop sign or red light, fail to yield to a pedestrian, or at an uncontrolled intersection can receive a ticket for $230. As well, they would end up losing four points on the Safe Driver Recognition program. 

Last month, the traffic safety spotlight was on new drivers and impaired driving. The data from the spotlight is expected to be released later this month.