The amount of snow on the ground at the end of December was the deepest seen in Weyburn for this time of year in more than 10 years. As a result, crews have been busy from the City of Weyburn to get roads cleared throughout the city.  

Snow removal operations cleared away the snow from the primary, secondary and collector streets, but the work isn’t quite done yet.  

Paige Tenbult is the Communications Co-Ordinator for the City of Weyburn. 

“We are heading into residential this week and continuing on for the next few days and into the next week so we really need residents to help us out with this and get their vehicles out of the way so our crews can get the best clean up job done that they can,” Tenbult told Discover Weyburn.  

The process is being done systematically, using the refuse collection map for which areas they work in. The work started in Area 4 and will go through the different areas as each one is completed. In order to find out which areas are next, residents are encouraged to check the City of Weyburn website, follow the City of Weyburn on social media, and to sign up for the municipal alert system.  

Tenbult asked that residents be patient as the crews work to get the job done. 

“There is a lot of snow this year,” she pointed out. “It’s packed down pretty good, so our crews are going to the best job they can to get in, but we need drivers and residents to co-operate to get those vehicles out of the way.” 

The snow removal operations in the residential areas will also see windrows along the edge of the streets, which is something that residents – both motorists and pedestrians – should keep in mind, Tenbult added.