The Soo Line Cruisers Car Club provided a drive-by parade on Sunday afternoon for residents of the care homes in Weyburn.

"We were approached by a nurse at Tatagwa View on behalf of a resident that was in palliative care there, and he was really into cars and he wanted to see some cars," explained organizer and club member Jarrod Stroeder. "So we said, 'okay, let's organize a little cruise by parade there', and then we said, 'well, if we're going there already, why don't we contact the other care homes in town and see if they would also be interested in coming out and watching us drive by?' and everyone was really enthusiastic about it, so we set it up and organized it and had our cruise."

Stroeder said they had 28 cars come out, and in all, they visited six care homes, Tatagwa View, Midtown Care Home (formerly Crocus Plains Villa), Weyburn Special Care Home, Eden Homes, Hilltop Manor, and Parkway Lodge.

"Most of [the residents] were waiting outside, so that's where some of the organization had to come in, as we would give them like a time frame with a 15-minute window that we would be kind of driving by," he explained. "I was in the lead of the pack, and we had another guy at the very back of the pack, and we were staying in communication, keeping all the cars together and maintaining our schedule." 

While the cruise only took about an hour to complete two drive-by parades for each of the care homes, the event was organized in about three days.

This was not the first time the car club has done this type of thing, and it won't be the last time, either.

"It's always been really good, and everyone just feels really good after it, so we definitely like to do this at least once a year," Stroder noted. "We're also going to be looking to possibly expand this as well to include other senior citizens facilities, like Bison Manor, Legion Towers, Heritage Place, so we're looking to get an even larger parade going through town."

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