Condolences for the Royal Family have been coming from all over the world after news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Dr. Robert Kitchen, the Member of Parliament for the Souris Moose Mountain riding, said this is a sad day.

"It is with heavy hearts that we see the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II," commented Kitchen. "I would pass on my condolences to the Royal Family and also to all Canadians, as she is the Queen of Canada."

"She had a huge impact on the world, and that's just due to the stability that she brought, and the knowledge, as well as the composure that I believe she showed, throughout her reign."

"When her father, unfortunately, passed away, she stated she would represent her constituents from that moment till the day she died, and it's truly evident in her actions, as we saw just two days ago, where she was basically greeting and asking the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to form government," he noted. "She upheld those responsibilities from the beginning to the end."

Dr. Kitchen noted Queen Elizabeth II was all he has ever known, and even very few Canadians can recall past Kings. "Now, as we move forward into King Charles III, we will now be able to at least say that some will have had one or two Monarchs in their lifetime."

He expressed his appreciation for how much our Queen showed her love and care for Canada.

"When you look at all the places throughout the Commonwealth, and around the world, she's traveled, the most she's ever come to is Canada, and so she had great respect for this country, and I anticipate that Charles will have the same, and I look forward to that and I thank all Canadians for the continued support for Her Majesty and now for His Majesty." 

Kitchen said he has no trouble admitting that he is a Monarchist. 

"I think many Canadians are, and more so than they think," he stated. "But, as we move forward, now it is God save the King, and long may the King reign."

He added he did come close to meeting the Queen once, at a hotel in Edmonton, as she was passing through, and he got to see her from a distance.

Hear the full audio from Dr. Kitchen below.