The month of May is here, and with it we can look forward to warmer temperatures and sunny days. Additionally, spring operations are underway in the city of Weyburn, which includes street sweeping, road construction, pothole filling, and seasonal workers commencing as well.

Paige Tenbult, Communications Coordinator with the city of Weyburn, said that, "we've got lots going on heading into the rest of spring and into the summer."

She said that residents will see street sweepers around the city of Weyburn right now. 

"They're really targeting those priority routes, the main roads, sometimes we'll get into the downtown right now. Our residential street sweeping program doesn't typically start until late spring, early summer. So that's kind of around June, July, but right now we're just trying to clean up the dust on those main areas because it's that time of year, it's spring cleaning."

As the weather warms up, Tenbult said that residents will start to see the city crews out doing road construction. 

"That also includes pothole filling. We know that a lot of residents are frustrated right now, we are frustrated too. This is the season for potholes and the city of Weyburn is not the only city in the province that experiences potholes like this, but we do have crews out as the weather dries up." 

Tenbult explained that unfortunately, the weather that took place last week was not helpful because the city had started some pothole patching last month. 

"Unfortunately with that weather, it just creates such wet conditions, and so we're not able to tackle a ton of stuff until the weather really dries up."

Part of the city's spring operations also includes bringing on additional crews. Tenbult said that they have seasonal workers that come and start with them, and a lot of them are typically university students. 

"They're heavily in our parks and public works department, so you'll start to see a lot more people out. We'll get our parks crews out mowing the grass, we'll get our public works crews out helping with pothole patching, ensuring that our streets are cleaned and catch basins, all that kind of stuff that happens during the season."

Tenbult added that they are looking forward to having the seasonal workers join the team because in the spring and summer there's lots of work to get done and they need those additional hands to ensure everything gets done quickly.