Since July of 2022, Bonnie Seitz has been leaving a trail of hidden mementos behind on all of her travels. Whether she's loading up the bike and heading to Sturgis or hopping on a plane to find a balmy beach, you can be sure that she'll bring a collection of tags along to post up in the hopes that others will find them and engage with her online group. So far, her reach has extended to 16 different provinces and states in 4 different countries, and a countless number of communities within. Seitz explained that the rules of the game are incredibly simple, and that there really is no catch- despite what some people might assume at first glance.

"All I do is make pictures on my phone and print them on photo paper at Walmart, then I add a tag that explains what to do if you find them. It basically says that if you're interested in playing to take a photo and post it to the Facebook page, or to leave it behind for someone else if you'd rather not join in," she said. "I think a lot of people are still kind of scared to post on there cause they're not quite sure what I'm up to with it, but it's just completely for fun."


The idea first came to Bonnie during a motorcycle trip when she found herself with plenty of spare time and nothing to keep her busy. The concept is similar in some ways to the popular activity called Geocaching, only that finding these hidden gems requires a bit more luck. If you happen to come across one, you could be surprised with a special-themed photo or even a small keepsake to help tell your story at the next Coffee Row.

"I just thought, 'Hey, we kind of need to record where we've all been,' so I decided to see if it was possible to do like a group of some sort that could track my travels. That's when I started leaving these little tags around," Seitz explained. "I did a monopoly theme over the last month here, so I printed Monopoly properties out on the tags and I think I've got about four or five different colors on the on the group already. It'd be really neat if I can get the whole entire monopoly board, but I've also left Canada pins, painted rocks, and some Canadian coins when I visited the Dominican."

Other iterations of the tags have included Spanish translations for her trip to Mexico, semi-truck themes for gas stations, motorcycle themes for popular biker destinations, and the latest versions also feature a QR code that takes participants straight to the dedicated Facebook page. After a couple years of refinement and growing engagement, Seitz has noticed that some of her tags have begun to travel all on their own.

"I wasn't sure if it was actually going to catch on, but it seems like it has. I think a few have actually been brought to a few other places, too. I've put one up in Regina at a certain spot and then somebody will find it in another spot in Regina. I think that's happened 3 or 4 times now," she said. "I hope it catches on a little bit more and a few more people will find them and actually be excited about putting them on the group."


Seitz added that there are plenty of tags in and around the Weyburn area just waiting to be discovered. She hopes to expand her reach further into the United States in the near future, and has no plans of winding the game down any time soon. You can check out the Facebook group ahead of finding your own tag by clicking HERE

"Keep an eye out for the tags and if you happen to see one, don't be scared to post it in the group! It's just for fun, and it would be nice to see how many people we can gather on the page!"