The Annual General Meeting for the Weyburn Public Library was held last night, with 12 in attendance including board members, with several hoping to volunteer.

Branch Manager Dawn Silver said it was her first AGM in her new-ish role here in Weyburn.

"It took 40 minutes. We discussed our agenda, and we had some people from the community come and ask us some wonderful questions about how the City of Weyburn is actually really active in supporting its library and possibly some new board members are considering joining the board."

She said attending an AGM as a visitor is the perfect way to learn exactly what happens at the meetings. 

"We talked about our Spring Book Sale that's coming up April 18th, 19th and 20th, and how the board members volunteer for that," shared Silver. "We talked about how our previous little fundraisers and mini golf went and that we had two board members there and for a total of 12 hours of volunteerism."

Volunteering within the board or in general, she noted, is, "a consistent, not onerous job, but it is part of contributing to your community."

She said they also discussed creating a schedule for volunteers for their book sale, as they saw such a great turnout at their fall sale, particularly from Weyburn Comprehensive School, who require 10 volunteer hours per school year.

"Our teens have a commitment to do so many volunteer hours per year," she shared. "They made a commitment last year to come and help and volunteer and we actually had more volunteers than we needed at points. I think it dovetails in really nicely with the attendance at our Teen Programs. It's been consistently high since I got here in November. It's just been amazing and slightly increasing, it seems, every month."

City Councillor Laura Morrissette will maintain her position as Board Chair. 

"She was the nominated from the floor and it's a continuation, as she was the previous chairperson as well for 2023," Silver said, adding, "Now I'm gonna send an e-mail off to the person I need to communicate with at City Hall and let them know how it went and we'll just go on from there."