Seeding season may still be underway (you can read more on how seeding is progressing here) but Seed N Feed powered by Great Plains Ford has come to a close.

Over the past two weeks, we treated nine seeding crews to some delicious Boston Pizza. When we pulled their name, they got their choice of two large pizzas that were delivered right into the fields by our crew! Of course, we got to make these deliveries in style thanks to Great Plains Ford letting us use one of their AMAZING trucks (seriously, that truck was a BEAST!!).

A huge thank you to Great Plains Ford for helping us get out to the fields and a huge shout out to Boston Pizza for making sure we didn't have to cook!!

A special thank you also goes out to Weyburn Livestock Exchange, Elite Ag, Pearl Wash Car and Truck Wash, E. Bourassa and Sons, South Country Equipment, Young's Equipment, Red Coat Ag, Agriterra, and Stoughton Credit Union for helping us out this seeding season. 

Now the two weeks were NOT without their challenges. Our first winner, Melanie Alexander, was announced after days of rain. So seeding may NOT have been moving for them but we figured, with all the stress mother nature was causing, they still deserved a pizza. 

Lorraine Fellner won on behalf of Colin Dammann and his crew. When we delivered his pizza things were finally starting to dry off and they were back out in the field. 

Chad Culham, our May 18th winner, was also working hard in the field, this time trying to beat the rain, and had a whole crew working on not just seeding BUT winning some pizza. His crew had entered over thirty times by the time we called him.

"I'm guessing someone did that for me," he chuckled. "I personally didn't do that but hooray!"

As the ground started to dry up, some of the farmers were moving as fast as possible, meaning it was hard for us to find them! Decker Mainil was our May 19th winner but was going so fast that we had to move his delivery to May 20th (not a bad way to kick off the long weekend!)

After coming back from the long weekend, seeding looked a lot more normal and Jennifer Hawton was our first winner of the week. She gifted the delivery to Rick Freeman and his partner who rent land from Jennifer's dad(see the cute kid picture below!). 

We followed up her win with a win by Steve Van De Sype on Wednesday and Terry Benning on Thursday. 

To wrap it all up, we made TWO deliveries on May 27th, one to Curtis Keller and one to Tanner and Jaclyn Erickson. 

With that Seed N Feed 2022 came to a close. 

We would like to thank all the farmers and families we met not only for having us but also for all the hard work they put in throughout the seeding season!

Good luck with your crops! We'll see you at harvest time!