One of the hardest parts about being a musician, during these "different" times, is the idea of staying at home, when USUALLY you would be performing at venues, in front of your fans, and future fans.

If you are a musician, that wants to perform - to be seen and to be heard... we have found a way - you CAN still get your music out to the world!!!

We had the opportunity to chat with Will Maeder (The League Of One) about what he has ready for all the musicians who want to join the upcoming LIVE STREAMS!!!

We are talking about "THE BURNING COUCH":

What equipment are you using?  Is it the whole set up, or more like an open-mic?!


"The Reverend" can be seen, on guitar, playing with The MystyxxThey performed last weekend - check out the playback on this one - FANTASTIC!!!

(Insert - YOUR BAND - here!!!)

*The Burning Couch is LIVE STREAMED every Saturday Night.  (click for link!!!)

"... any act, I'd love to have you on the show,  Rock 'n' Roll, Punk, Classical, A Capella... " - Will Maeder


This Saturday, June 20th,  Parlor Trixx will be performing LIVE!!!

Don't miss your chance to be a future act showcased on The Burning Couch!