This past weekend Trossachs Camp held its first annual carnival fundraiser, and the turnout was an overwhelming success. There were lots of things for the whole family to enjoy. Seitz’s Rentals and Supplies donated three bouncy houses for the kids, 9 square, popcorn balls, hotdogs, and pies were all part of the fun. Discover Weyburn reached out to Executive Director, Ed Fischer, for more details. 

“The response was great, lots of people, after the weekend was all said and done, we had over $11,000 come in for the camp,” said Fischer. “There were lots of people visiting and at the end, in the tabernacle, we did testimonies and worship.” 

Photo courtesy of Trossachs Camp Facebook page

The carnival wasn’t the only success the camp experienced this year. 

“People donated towards kids coming to camp, so we had lots of kids that couldn’t financially afford it, parents coming through rough times and stuff, and we were able to have these kids come in spite of all that, so we had 48 kids go through that program, and 36 kids got baptized, it was just a really good summer,” shared Fischer. 

Fischer explained there are many projects the camp is working on, including the Homestead project. The goal of the Homestead project is to turn the summer gospel camp into a year-round ministry and youth refuge.   

“Last winter I had four cabins heated with water and sewer and the lodge heated with water and sewer,” explained Fisher. 

The total amount raised at this year’s carnival was $11,306. You can follow the Trossachs Camp on its Facebook page here.