A new UFA fuel cardlock has opened up recently on Highway 13 just west of Weyburn, near the intersection of Highway 39.

"We're really excited to be a part of the Weyburn community, and we're also very excited about the offering that we're able to provide our customers in that area," shared Don Smith, President of Petroleum and Innovation with the United Farmers of Alberta.

"The card lock itself is wide lanes, high-speed pumps, and has a full product offering for our customers from dyed diesel to clear diesel to gasoline as well as our proprietary product which is Dieselex Gold, which is a premium diesel that really adds a lot of value back to our customers."

He said anybody can fill up, but it does require a cardlink card.

"So you can sign up for that either through the agent on site or online at ufa.com, and you use that cardlink card to be able to activate the pumps through the card readers. You can use debit or any credit card. Any individual is more than welcome to use that."

Any individual can become a member of UFA, Smith noted. 

"Membership has its privileges, so membership purchases, there is a threshold amount, but can attract patronage at the end of the year depending on what products and and how much they buy with UFA," he explained. "We are a centralized cooperative, a little bit different than maybe some things that they're used to with locals being a part of a federation."

He said they have around 120,000 members in all.

"All have equal share in the cooperative," he said. "No matter where you are in your travels, any purchases that you make throughout the entire UFA network all goes to qualify you for a patronage payout at the beginning of the following year for what you did in the prior calendar year."

Weyburn, Smith noted, was the result of careful selection. 

"We expect that area of Weyburn to continue to grow in terms of its economic activity, but I would also add that we think that of Weyburn in general, and  the entire community and the area in which it services," he commented. "It's growing. And there's a lot of industry that is coming to Weyburn, a lot more activity in general, and we think what we can bring to the community to offer is going to add value to all of those businesses."

He said the main thing they take pride in is how they integrate into the community. 

"We like to develop those long-term relationships with our customers and we really want to be involved in helping Weyburn grow."

Smith said in keeping with the value of strong community connection, even the fuel agents on site are locals. 

"Jason and Laura Lee Peterson are originally from the Weyburn area a little bit south of there, but they are ones who have been involved in that area and in that community for a very long time and still are very active," he shared. "They know the people, and they know the area, and they know what people are looking for. These are agents that I  think can really help establish those relationships that really benefit everybody." 

He added they are excited to be a part of the Weyburn community and to continue to expand throughout Saskatchewan. 

"We really do feel that what we do and how we do it is going to add value to all of the customers, whether they be our core ag type customers or any type of business or individuals that we can help." 

Find the UFA website HERE.