The Weyburn Police Service is looking for a missing vehicle.  

The situation first arose on August 19th but wasn’t brought to the attention of the WPS until a few days later, when the owner of the vehicle went to the police to report it as stolen.  

Police Chief Jamie Blunden explained it started out as one person borrowing a vehicle from the other.  

“Then, that second party that borrowed the vehicle lent it to a third party, and we’re investigating it now – that truck is still outstanding,” Blunden said. Once the vehicle, which was identified as a 1997 GMA 1500 with license plate 494 KCS, the police will determine the next course of action. 

“Once we locate that (vehicle), the investigation will lead us to the path that we need to go down,” Blunden continued. “Whether it becomes a civil matter or whether it becomes a stolen vehicle is yet to be determined.” 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Weyburn Police Service.  \

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