The Weyburn Soccer Association is hoping to bring on some more volunteers to help everything run smoothly for the first indoor soccer tournament they'll be hosting at the Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre from February 3rd to 5th.

President Jason Roy said they're expecting roughly 300 athletes to attend, ranging from U-9 to U19.

"This tournament does mean a lot to us, but it should also mean a lot to our community because these families will be coming into Weyburn, they'll be staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants," he noted. "So this is, I think, a pretty big deal for Weyburn as a whole, so volunteers are definitely needed."

He said duties may include monitoring the door and taking the spectator fee of $5 per day or $10 for the weekend, or things like setting up and taking down nets.

"We have a really tight schedule, so when our players are coming off the field, just a quick setup of some fields because some fields are set up differently for like a U-9 group versus a U13 group," Roy explained.

The Spark Centre, with the Mainil Field, Roy acknowledged, is, 'a huge blessing.'

"We are the envy of the province of having a facility like this," he shared. "Our visiting centers and member organizations are so excited to be able to come and play on this field. We were unable to have this event last year, so this is our first time, so this is a kind of a test for us and the [Spark] Centre."

While this is the first tournament Weyburn Soccer is hosting, it's not the first indoor soccer tournament in which their players have been able to take part.

"Weyburn Soccer does a lot of traveling. For example, this weekend we have teams that are going to a Regina tournament. We also travel to Swift Current, and we travel to Moosejaw and Yorkton actually," Roy said. 

He said Weyburn Soccer teams play in a lot of communities outside of Weyburn as part of the WSA's player development program.

"So we have our community soccer, and then we have a player development program," he noted. "For the kids that sign up to the player development program are the ones that want something a little extra. A little extra competition, and that's when it requires the travel. That's what they sign up for, and it gives them that extra edge that they just may not get from community."

To sign up as a volunteer, Roy said just email and he'll answer any questions that they may have. Anyone who would like to get involved in volunteering can contact

"If they have a certain area that they would like to volunteer in, definitely we'll have a chat. We welcome all volunteers, so we'll gladly take them."