With Weyburn getting set for a Colorado low that Environment Canada has said could bring as much as 35 centimetres of snow by the time it subsides, crews from the City of Weyburn are getting ready for snow removal operations. The task at hand will also mean a short transition for the public works department, according to Paige Tenbult, the Communications Coordinator for the City of Weyburn.  

“Earlier today, our staff were out fixing potholes, and the next moment we are gearing up for snow removal,” Tenbult said. “It’s just been quite an interesting year for our crews, and I just want to give them a lot of props for being as flexible as they have been with their operations, and just being able to do the kings that need to be done.” 

The snow removal won’t start until the storm system has subsided, Tenbult explained. 

“It’s kind of a waste of resources to be going out there consistently throughout the storm, but we do take into consideration if emergency vehicles need a path, or there’s a certain emergency situation.” 

The City of Weyburn’s snow removal policy will see the crews tackle the priority routes first. These are the highest traffic areas and include streets such as 1st Avenue North and Government Road. After those streets have been cleared, the crews will get into the secondary streets, like Coteau Avenue, most of Souris Avenue, Douglas Road and Railway Avenue.  

The third-priority streets, such as Park Avenue, Windsor Street, and Bison Avenue, will then be tackled after that.  

Tenbult asked that residents be patient once the work starts to get the snow removed from the streets, as it isn’t an overnight process. 

“Hopefully everyone is patient with this storm, and understands that we follow our policy first, along with trying to get some of those bus routes, emergency service routes, priority routes done as quickly as possible,” Tenbult added.  

Weyburn has had few snow events this year, with the most recent happening in early February.