With a look back on this year from the perspective of Weyburn City Council, Weyburn's Mayor Marcel Roy said the City did their best this year to be respectful with the budget process.

"Our city administration took a page out of Kristi Noem's book, the South Dakota Governor," he commented. "They made a lot of hard decisions on our budget and we had a very open talk about stuff and we were very respectful about people's money."

"We put in a very hard, tough budget, although it seems to be a raise, but inflation's up there, so we went through it. So this is a completely different budget process, which I give our ministration credit forward because it was we're really stepping out and being quite open and I feel we are very open as to what we're doing and where we are going to go."

He said the City got a lot of good public engagement with that process.

"We get the public involved because this is their City, and this is what we're trying to do is get the involvement and we're moving forward and we're going to see things change," Roy commented.

Other highlights for Mayor Roy include the City's acquisition of the Haig School property, and that our farmers also saw a successful year in the field.

"120 bushels of barley and 95 bushels of wheat around these areas, which is unprecedented and good prices, too."

He added that he's particularly proud of the City's infrastructure improvements in 2022.